The compound effect is a powerful concept that can help individuals achieve success and make positive changes in their lives. It is based on the idea that small actions, when taken consistently over time, can lead to significant results. In other words, small choices can have a big impact.


Life is indeed made of small choices, and each one of them can define who we will become in the future. It’s not the big things that will change us profoundly, but rather the little ones. As the saying goes, elephants don’t bite, meaning that small things can be just as powerful as big ones.

Just like in a game, life can be full of troubles and obstacles, but as long as you keep playing the game, you will also encounter opportunities. One of the keys to success is to invest wisely, both in terms of money and time. As the saying goes, “10 percent of what you earn you don’t touch, and the rest you invest.” Successful people are successful because they are able to measure their risks and make wise investments.7


It’s also important to identify and replace bad habits with good ones. Take a look at what you enjoy about your bad habits and try to find healthy alternatives to replace them. It’s essential to examine our habits and identify the good and the bad. By focusing on what we enjoy about the bad habits and replacing them with positive ones, we can make lasting changes.

Finally, it’s crucial to surround ourselves with positive influences. Do we have anchors that hold us back, or engines that drive us forward? By filling ourselves with positive things, we can become our best selves and achieve success through the compound effect of small choices over time.


The compound effect is a powerful concept that can be applied to many areas of life. Essentially, it refers to the idea that small, consistent actions can lead to significant results over time. Life is made up of small choices, and each one of these choices will define who you will be in the future. It’s not the big decisions that will have the most profound impact on your life, but rather the little ones that you make on a daily basis.


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